Caroline Boskovic

Client Testimonials.

John D.

I can’t recommend Caroline enough to anyone who is looking for to buy or sell a property.  As a first time home buyer the experience is of course very daunting and downright frightening at times.  Fortunately Caroline did an excellent job of keeping me informed and at ease throughout the process.  She proved to have incredible patience, was supportive in every way, and most importantly was very knowledgeable about her profession. In short, I felt I could trust Caroline to help me make the right decision and I trust she can help you too.

Tiffaney G.

The journey to buying our first home was long and filled with many ups and downs.  Caroline was amazing from the first house to the last, and all of the deals that fell through in between.  As other reviews hint to her attentive nature, I can not write enough, on how true this was.  We changed our minds on what kind of property and where we wanted it, many times, and she made it work every time.  She had recommendations for all sorts of services.  And when the time came to finally buy, it was fast and seemingly painless.  I can not say enough great thing about what she did for our family.  I wish there were more stars to give.

Greg S. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline. She’s experienced and professional, and has the insight of many years in the business -- not just the good years where everyone became a realtor. Even when she’s busy with showings and closings, she’s available and responsive within minutes or an hour. Very attentive to your needs and concerns, and will be there for whatever is needed. If you’re in the market, give Caroline a call, you can’t go wrong.

Dejan K. 

Caroline rocks! By far one of the most attentive and proactive agents that I have ever worked with.  She recently oversaw the sale of an investment property for me under severe time restrictions and went well out of her way to coordinate the efforts of the attorneys, surveyors, city officials, and everyone else involved.  Also made the closing a quick and painless.  Will definitely use her for any and all real estate transactions throughout the Chicagoland area.  Highly recommended, consummate professional and incredible attention to detail and deadlines.  Thanks again for all your help. Couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers!

Bryan S. 

As a first time home buyers, we were new to the whole experience. Caroline was great, and listened to exactly what we were looking for in a home. She thoroughly explained, and guided us through the entire process. She was incredibly patient with us as we looked at over 30 properties! Not many real   estate agents will let this happen, trust me... Caroline found us the perfect home in a great neighborhood in our desired price range.

Jodi P. 

To quote my friend who referred me to Caroline, “I recommend ZERO other people!” 

I’m a single girl in my late 20s. Buying a home seemed monumentally frightening, but I took the plunge. I am so grateful to have gone through my 1st home buying process with Caroline by my side. She completely had my back through the entire home buying process.

Caroline explained everything I needed to know in simple language I was able to understand. She was very knowledgeable, and continuously gave me direct and honest advice based on her knowledge of real estate. Caroline was never afraid to share her opinion, and she did so without being the least bit overbearing. She has an very upbeat attitude, and put me at ease when I was nervous while looking at houses, negotiating process, and the steps up to closing. 

She responded quickly to my every question, no matter how small. She was extremely easy to get a hold of and talk to. She was good at recognizing what I was looking for, and never stopped providing me with listings to look at online and see in person. She met the needs of my schedule. 

Caroline had a great home inspector for me to use. She asked for money from the seller for me, without me having to ask (because I am clueless). She didn’t back down in negotiations, and made sure I got a good deal. During the loan approval process she was in touch with my attorney and lender to make sure everything went smoothly for me.

Caroline is a great realtor. She has a passion for real-estate and it shows in every aspect of her work. I couldn’t have bought my fantastic house without her guidance and knowledge.

Matthew B. 

Buying a home: Caroline was such a pleasure to work with. Once she knew what we were looking for, she found homes in that fit every scenario we considered, and gave us the full scale of the market scope.

When we found our home, she negotiated the price down to market value, and helped us with a quick an easy close in a reasonable amount of time. We are now in the home that we plan to live in the rest of our lives, which would not have happened without her leadership.

Selling a home: Having to short sell a home is not an easy task. It requires A LOT of behind the scenes work from the entire team, but mostly the Real Estate Agent. Caroline worked relentless to put it through, and work with the banks to coordinate the herculean effort, between the close to 10 parties involved. In the end, it got done with as little pain as possible, thanks to her diligence and fortitude.


Aaron G. 

Caroline is fantastic.  My wife and I recently bought our home with her help, and we couldn’t be happier.  If you want someone you feel you can trust, who isn’t trying to sell you a house and polish every turd, she’s your gal.  If she doesn’t like a house, she will say so.  How refreshing.  On top of that she hooked up up with the most amazing home inspectors.  They say don’t use your real estate brokers recommendation, but I checked these guys out on yelp and they seemed great.  Then they came and were awesome and gave us a huge detailed report.  Same experience with her recommended lawyer: totally great.

Erin S. 

Phenomenal! Caroline is an amazing realtor and a true professional. Her expertise is undeniable and came in handy on many occasions. She is trustworthy, diligent, hardworking and perseverant among many other things. Caroline is an excellent listener and devotes her time and energy to her clients. She has proven to always be available in a pinch and has the problem-solving skills to put her clients at ease while swiftly resolving the situation. I have since referred her to a friend of mine who also expresses her gratitude for Caroline’s dedication to her purchase and all of the helpful connections and resources she was able to provide as well. She’s the best, no doubt about it!

Christian S. 

In this market, not only did she get us a buyer in no time, but also took the time to understand what we were looking for in buying our new home.  With all the real estate out there in the market, she was able to save us time and the first house she showed us, we loved and ended up buying it at a significant discount.  Every day I wake up in our new home, I have Caroline to thank as she will always be a friend and golden contact that I can refer to others.

Mary Greer

Caroline was very helpful in the whole process of me being able to secure my property from beginning to end. When ever I needed something or needed a question answered she was there with the answer. Caroline was there through the whole process and I told her that if I decided to buy another property that I would not hesitate to ask her to be my realtor.